Electric motors. Configure and order.

The website offers the possibility to configure and order electric motors, as well as to perform energy cost saving simulations.


Single-phase and three-phase motors, wide choice of efficiency classes, cast iron or aluminium housing, adaptable degree of protection.


Fast dispatch of standard motors straight from our warehouse. Modified motors dispatched within 2-3 working days.


Our motors can be equipped with different types of foot, flanges, brakes or encoders. All options are available in our configurator.

ELK Motors

Electric motor range

We offer three-phase and single-phase electric motors in efficiency class IE2/IE3 and IE4. Electric motor in aluminium housing (sizes 63-132) and in cast iron housing (132-315). The aluminium versions of the ELK motors allow an easy change of mounting method, thanks to removable foot that can be mounted on three sides and an easy change of flange from B5 to B14. Possible mounting combinations are B3, B14, B14-2, B5, B34, B35. The terminal boxes are rotatable – the motor is also a mirror image, so it is possible to swap the DE (drive) side for the non-drive (NDE) side. All motors are prepared for inverter duty (frequency converter). Standard electric motors from stock have IP55 protection. We have the option to modify the motors to IP66.

  • Efficiency classes IE2, IE3 and IE4
  • Motor powers from 0.12 to 200 kW
  • Sizes from 63-132 in aluminium housing and 132-315 in cast iron housingj
  • 2-pole (3000 rpm), 4-pole (1500 rpm), 6-pole (1000 rpm) and 8-pole (750 rpm) motors
  • Option to equip motors with flanges, brakes, encoders, fans with independent drive, PTC thermistors and thermal switches
  • Different bearing configurations and position of the terminal box
  • Easy change from IE2 to IE3 motors thanks to identical mechanical dimensions
  • Manufacturer’s warranty for 18 months
  • Special motors available on request

In addition, all ELK standard motors are designed, manufactured and tested in accordance with IEC and EN standards. ELK Motor also has a quality management system certified to ISO 9001 and UL certification for the motors it manufactures.

Motors with brakes available from stock

Non-ventilated system with brake

One of the basic installation methods for DYF series spring-applied brakes. Recommended for applications with low cut-out and cut-in frequency.

Ventilated system with brake

One of the basic mounting methods for spring-applied brakes of the DYF series. Recommended for applications with a high frequency of switching on and off and for harsh operating conditions.

System with forced axial fan

The forced axial fan is used in operator-operated applications where brake actuation is frequent or when the ambient temperature is high.

Hand lever system

A system used in the event of a system power failure or the need to manually release the brake. It is used in applications such as external lifts, conveyor belt systems or crane systems.